Opening hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9­am–1pm, and by appointment

Beside the extensive collection of sources, the Brahms-Institut also has its own special library, open to scholars, students, and all those who would like to work on the life and work of Johannes Brahms and his cultural-historical surroundings.

Around 2800 books (biographies, work analyses, exhibition catalogues) and auction catalogues, 20 journals, 2500 first or early editions, 1500 records and 250 CDs provide a comprehensive image of Brahms as a person, illuminating the works of the Hamburg-born Vienna resident and his composing friends and contemporaries.

The goal of the research library is to collect historical and current literature on Brahms, his compositions, and the other emphases of the collection (Robert and Clara Schumann, Theodor Kirchner, Joseph Joachim, Julius Spengel, Richard Heuberger) as comprehensively as possible. The user can access our catalogues, which record all books, music editions, and recordings, via PC. This is not a lending library: but with the permission of the librarian, copies can be ordered.