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Unique around the world, the first and early editions of works by Robert Schumann are now digitally available: 8,176 individual pages. A particular attraction are several of the beautiful title sheets, often by prominent artists such as Ludwig Richter (1803–1884). The Brahms-Institut holds over 80 percent of Schumann’s works, including 128 first or early editions.

With funding from the Schleswig-Holstein government, Sparkassenstiftung Lübeck, and Förderverein des Brahms-Instituts the first editions and early editions could be digitized and indexed in a two-year project. The Schumann Project shows the wide spectrum of our important collection that goes far beyond Johannes Brahms.

Digitization facilitates Schumann research, on the one hand, while at the same time protecting the precious, sometimes fragile originals. The digitized material includes several dedications handwritten by Schumann himself and handwritten marks of ownership, including those of Clara Schumann. Many of the printed editions come from the estate of Brahms-friend Theodor Kirchner.

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