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The Kirchner estate, accessible electronically since January 2016, includes 9,000 individual pages. The most extensive part of the collection consists of first and early editions, containing 24 volumes with the composer’s own personal copies, featuring numerous handwritten corrections and entries. With almost 100 volumes, the individual editions of Kirchner’s own works represent an additional important component. Almost all of Kirchner’s works are available digitally around the world in first and early editions.

Furthermore, the estate also includes 36 manuscripts—including piano pieces and songs – and several hundred sheets of musical ideas, concepts, and sketches that offer insight into Kirchner’s way of composing.

The number of life documents is comparatively small, consisting of only a dozen letters from and to Kirchner. Beside several notes and memos, an address book and notebook there are several concert programs, a cigarette case, a letter seal, and a fountain pen that originally belonged to Robert Schumann.

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