First edition, op. 47 Nr. 2

First and Early Editions

The Brahms-Institut owns the largest collection of first and early editions of works by Johannes Brahms. These include all different forms of a work (score, piano reduction, parts) published up until 1902, the year of publication of the posthumously published Eleven Choral Preludes for Organ op. 122. Later works in the institute’s archive, including from the Deutsche-Brahms-Gesellschaft Berlin and in the framework of the Alte Brahms-Gesamtausgabe (Leipzig, 1927), remained excluded from digitization.

Bibliographic information is placed over the list of sources for each work.

Red lines: show that the sources mentioned are kept at the Brahms-Institut.

Green lines: indicate information that was researched using the data bank of the Johannes-Brahms-Gesamtausgabe, Forschungsstelle Kiel.

(Brahms-Rezeption in vier Musikzeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts, financed by the Peter Klöckner-Stiftung and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, directed by Michael Struck, with Katrin Eich, Wilhelm Voß [†] and Christiane Wiesenfeldt).

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